Dear Wy. Kt. Comp.,

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Division of East Anglia we will be attending a sung Evensong service at Wymondham Abbey on Sunday the 1st May 2016. I would be very grateful if you would please make a special effort to attend this service together with your wife/partner and any other of the members of your family and friends who would like to join us.

The service will commence at 6.30 pm and it will be followed by a finger buffet reception in the Abbey refectory.

The cost of the buffet is £6.50 per person which includes tea/coffee. Wine and soft drinks will be available.

Please complete the booking form and return it together with your cheque (made payable to the RCC Division of East Anglia) by the 24th April 2016 at the latest.

Dress code for Wy. Kts. will be dark lounge suit or morning dress (short coat) together with sash and collarette of your rank.

Please do come and join us. We have a very special Division and worshiping, and enjoying a church service, together will be an appropriate way for us to celebrate this special anniversary for our Christian Order.

Yours in Faith, Unity and Zeal,

John Elmore

Intendant General